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EEOC Files Three New ADA Lawsuits

As the recession lingers on, more and more American’s are finding themselves without jobs. As a result of these worsened economic conditions, companies are finding ways to cut their bottom line in any way possible. One unfortunate side effect is that companies are singling out out employees with disabilities to fire, afraid of employing such individuals.

Recently, the EEOC has filed three separate lawsuits across the country alleging violations of the Americans With Disabilities Act. In Atlanta, Georgia the EEOC has filed a lawsuit on behalf of an employee who requested a stool to sit on while she suffered from severe arthritis. The chain refused this accommodation, and put the employee at risk.

The EEOC also intervened in a case in Baltimore, EEOC alleges that the surveying company Fisher, Collins & Carter fired two employees because they had diabetes and hypertension. In another situation, the EEOC claimed that a company Lansing, Michigan fired employee rather than allowing him to work part time while being treated for cancer.

These situations highlight the dishonest and illegal ways in which employees try to force out workers in this tough economy. Employees should be vigilant, and understand that such behavior is illegal.

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