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EEOC files a Class Action against Fred Meyer

The EEOC is filing a class action on the behalf of three female employees of Fred Meyer’s local branch in Oak Grove (OR) alleging the company did not protect them against harassment inflicted by a regular costumer.

According to the Federal Agency, the costumer touched one of the employee’s breasts, groped her knee and and rubbed up against her body. Although many employees complained, they were instructed to continue serving the costumer
Fred Meyer has already dealt with issues regarding sexual harassment in the workplace in the past. In 2008, at the EEOC’s urging, the company agreed to settle a case involving a manager harassing his subordinates, and paid $485,000.

Back then, Fred Meyer agreed to provide its employees with specific anti-discrimination training. As this training does not seem to be entirely successful, the suit the EEOC just filed seeks damages not only for the three alleged victims but also aims at changing Fred Meyer’s policies and training in order to prevent such issues in the future.

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