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Domestic Workers Rally For Bargaining Rights

Under New York State law, domestic workers such as housekeepers, childcare providers and other such workers are denied collective bargaining rights. This means that these workers are not allowed to organize and demand better workplace conditions, and negotiate for similar protections that are given to other workers.

At a rally in Manhattan, members of Domestic Workers United came together to demand these same protections. Many members spoke of the need for collective bargaining agreements after they were repeatedly mistreated and abused by their employers, forced to work long hours with no overtime pay, or fired with only little notice.

Many members in attendance also praised the passing of the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights, that was passed at the end of August and will go into effect at the end of the month. This bill addresses some of the lapses in protections for domestic workers, including guaranteed days off, workers compensation insurance and overtime pay after 40 hours.

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