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College Sexual Harassment

Now that school has returned, and the Summer long gone, The Harman Firm would like to remind everyone of the problem with college sexual harassment. While most people are aware of the problem of sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace, the uniqueness of the college setting presents an entirely different spin on sexual harassment.

Like in the workplace with employees and supervisors, there is a power dynamic between students and their professors. Professors can take advantage of this power-balance to leverage a sexual relationship from students and take advantage of them. Students are often reluctant to complain about such behavior, fearing it will lower their grades or get them ostracized on campus.

The Harman Firm believes that all victims of college sexual harassment should stand up and expose those individuals that have taken advantage of them. All people should have the ability to get an education without the threat of harassment and retaliation.

For more information on what college sexual harassment looks like, please watch the clip below:

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