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Class Action Suit Filed By Students Against City, Claim They Were Wrongly Handcuffed

The New York Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of five New York City public students who claim they were harassed and abused by school safety officers employed by the New York City Police.

In an attempt to increase safety in public schools, the NYPD has employed these school safety officers to monitor school situations, and to ensure that all are safe to learn without the threat of violence or fear.

However, these students claim that the fear and intimidation has not come from school bullies, but the officer’s themselves. The officer’s are accused of abusing their authority by arresting, assaulting, and performing other actions on students in public schools who may have broken rules, but have not committed any crimes. This includes a sixth grader who had been handcuffed for drawing on a desk with an erasable marker, and other assaults on students who had violated school rules.

The five students claim that the officers acted well out of their authority, and have cause serious emotional and physical harm to them.

Read more on the New York Times City Blog, including a PDF of the complaint:
Suit Charges Abuses by School Safety Officers

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