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Child Labor More Common Than You May Think

In a startling report issued in early September, the United States Department of Labor released the results of their inquiries into the use of child labor in manufacturing and other areas. The results are staggering- the report had found that child is used throughout the word to produced a number of products and goods.

According to the report, child labor is rampant in the harvesting of many agricultural products such as coffee, cotton, sugarcane and rubber, while “69 percent of child labor worldwide is in agriculture”. This is a staggering proportion of children being forced to work to produce goods for our consumption.

Children are often put in much more precarious positions throughout the world, including being use to mine for gold in Burkina Faso and Peru. The report can be found here- . I encourage all of our readers to pay mind to this list and take into consideration the human costs of goods and products we so routinely ignore. While child labor may be legal abroad, we should do as much as we can do rally against such cruel practices and ensure rights for workers everywhere.

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