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Cheesecake Factory Settles Lawsuit of Male Sexual Harassment

The Cheesecake Factory, a nationwide chain of family dining restaurants, has settled a suit brought by the EEOC alleging rampant sexual harassment. The complaint has alleged that the Cheesecake Factory was complicit in allowing male kitchen staff members to sexually harass other male employees of various restaurants.

The settlement, $345,000 in favor of the group of affected workers, comes as the company denies any wrongdoing in the matter. They argue that the settlement does not imply any fault on behalf of Cheesecake Factory, and is for the purposes of avoiding further disruption or litigation fees.

This case is an excellent example shattering the myth that male employees are free from sexual harassment in the workplace. In this case, it was an example of male on male sexual harassment that went unpunished by the management, resulting in a poor work environment for these individual. If you are a male experiencing sexual harassment in the workplace, you should not be afraid to confront it. Make sure you bring it to the attention of your superiors as soon as possible.

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