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Can What You Say on Facebook Threaten Your Job?

Ten years ago, this question did not phase people. But as social media becomes more popular, so do questions regarding what you can and can’t post on Facebook, and how those comments posted will affect your employment.

Recently, Viki Knox, a public school teacher at Union High School in Union Township, New Jersey posted on her public Facebook page “homosexuality is a perverted spirit that has existed from the beginning of creation.” That comment has sparked a debate about what teachers should be allowed to say on public, or even private, Facebook pages. Although no official decision has been made yet regarding Ms. Knox’s future employment with the Department of Education, concerns over Ms. Knox’ overall conduct within school grounds or even her ability to enforce new anti-bullying laws have been questioned by many.

Should Ms. Knox be allowed to keep her job? Furthermore, should we regulate what teachers say online, and by how much? Follow the story as it develops here.

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