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Bronx Bakeries Continue to Undermine Workers Rights

As I’ve written about on this blog earlier, there seems to be a recurring problem with bakeries refusing to treat their employees properly. This time, a Federal law judge has ordered the Stella D’oro Company to reinstate workers who had been on strike since last August, as well as pay them back wages through May.

The workers went on strike after the company went to their union demanding that the union accept a $5 an hour wage decrease for groups of workers. As well, the company had demanded that the employees take cuts in their pensions as well as their health care benefits.

The National Labor Relations Board had found the company at fault during the negotiation process, claiming that the company had not negotiated fairly with the union by withholding necessary audits, as well as declaring an impasse in negotiations without having satisfied the conditions necessary to do so.

This drawn out process brings some closure to the workers who had been on strike and picketing for almost a year now. The workers, who had been living on unemployment, had stuck together throughout this long process and should be proud of taking on the unfair employment practices of the company.


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