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Bloomberg’s Deposition on Pregnancy

Although he was deposed almost two years ago, parts of Mayor Bloomberg‘s deposition testimony related to a 2007 class action lawsuit filed on behalf of women who sought maternity leave while employed at Bloomberg L.P. have recently been made public. Filled with unsympathetic sarcasm, Mayor Bloomberg’s comments are shocking, including his comments regarding disenchanted employees who left the enterprise, calling them disloyal and “bad people.” Included in the allegations are comments from Mayor Bloomberg telling pregnant women to just “kill it” and suggesting that women taking off for maternity leave is comparable to men taking off to improve their golf games. Other executive are quoted as suggesting that these women did not deserve to work for Bloomberg L.P. The 2007 class action lawsuit was settled out of Court for an undisclosed amount.

Do these comments sound familiar? Do you feel you are subjected to sexual harassment or pregnancy discrimination in your job? Contact an attorney today.

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