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Bargaining over Birth Control

A debate has been swirling around whether or not religious organizations should be required to provide healthcare with free birth control to employees. The controversy stems from President Obama’s new healthcare law, which law provides that religious organizations are required to provide this type of healthcare for employees. However, Catholic groups and others have vocalized that they believe this law went too far.

In an effort to compromise and appease members of his party, President Obama announced that the burden for paying for contraceptives would be shifted to health insurance companies – shifting the burden off of religious organizations. But now the debate has begun: In terms of healthcare, for how much should employers be required to pay?

Catholic advocates have reiterated their position that religious organizations should not be required to pay for what they believe is morally wrong. Those on the other side of the debate have voiced concerns that people needing birth control may be unable to obtain it, especially if employees were forced to pay for birth control entirely on their own. For now, President Obama has settled on a position arguably in the middle. However, despite the compromise, the debate continues to grow, with mounting concerns on all sides.

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