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At a Georgia High School, It’s Still 1954

A story that defies belief went viral on Thursday: a Georgia high school is trying to hold an “integrated” prom.

Wilcox County High School hasn’t had an official school prom for decades; instead, students have organized unofficial dances—one for white students, one for students of color. Because the events were not held on school property, their shockingly anachronistic segregation was allowed to continue. (Shocking, but not unique in Georgia: in 2007, the same story made national news from a different high school.)

This year, the community is rallying around four students at Wilcox who are organizing a prom for everyone, regardless of race. As bizarre as that is to celebrate in 2013, it’s better than another segregated prom. (It’s also not the only recent story of head-turning racial realities in the Deep South.)

Yahoo!‘s article reports that while “the school district has been supportive, it hasn’t offered to pay for the integrated prom.” They may not need to: the Facebook page for the project has been overrun with support from around the world. The students left a heartwarming post on the page Thursday afternoon; they may be unlikely civil rights activists, but they are still high school students—Spring Break comes first:

We would like to thank everyone all over the world who have given to this Prom and cause from the depths of your heart. This is our Spring Break week and we only have a few more days left before we are back to the grind of continuing our education so we may be out of the loop until Monday to just have a little fun. We love you all and we could never thank you enough for all that you are doing.

Even though most of the country is more evolved than Wilcox County, racial discrimination is alive and well. Contact The Harman Firm today if you have any questions about civil rights as they are protected under current employment law.

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