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Arizona Target Employees Claim Age Discrimination

A group of long-time target employees in Arizona have come forward claiming that they were forced out of their positions because of their age. Following a series of terminations, a group of employees noticed a pattern regarding the layoffs, which had affected mainly older employees who had began working for the company in Arizona in the early 80’s. These employees were mostly salaried employees with benefits, making nearly $50,000 or more. While nearly all of these employees had helped build the stores, and had a long history of effective performance, one by one they were forced to resign or face termination.

The group of employees claim that as they got older, new and younger managers would build cases against them, bring up false charges against them and harass them, all in an effort to terminate them. The older employees were referred to as “blockers” in management meetings- meaning that they got in the way of younger employees and needed to be terminated.

The account, which can be read in greater detail here- Longtime Tucson Target employees say they were forced out because of their higher salaries, is a depressing account of the ways in which the increasingly elderly work force is being treated as they age. No employee should be subject to such blatant discrimination based on their age as they are still capable and valued employees of an organization.

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