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Anti-Harassment iPhone App Released

We’ve previously looked at Hollaback, a website dedicated to exposing sexual harassers and other creeps online. Hollaback allows users to posts pictures and stories about unwanted encounters with strangers, and bring these abuses to light.

Now, the site has unveiled an iPhone app which allows users to instantly geo-tag the the location of the incident, as well as send a follow up email to the user requesting more information on what happened, and for a description of the harasser.

The MTA has recently tried to raise awareness of how such behavior is not acceptable, and encouraging the victims of harassment to come forward. However, these are only the first steps in making sure that the harassment of women in New York City and beyond stops. Hollback, and the accompanying apps, work to shame men who do such things and let them know that people are watching and will find them.

To learn more about the Hollaback project and iPhone app, check out their website here and the New York Times profile on Hollaback.

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