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Allegations Claims Prada Japan Fires Ugly, Overweight Employees

If claims by a former employee are to be believed, Prada is no longer just picky about the look of the models they hire. An employee working for the company in Japan has claimed that he was forced to fire over 15 employees that, he was told were “old, fat, disgusting or not having the Prada look,”

The employee was also told that he should lose weight himself if he wanted to stay at the corporation.

While the employee is bringing suit in the UK, it is definitely an interesting conversation to have here in America. “Look” policies at fashionable stores in the United States has been a hot button issue at some points- look at Abercrombie’s termination of a girl with a prosthetic arm and a Muslim girl with a headdress to see how these policies can cross the line from brand identity to open employment discrimination. While brand identities are an important part of any fashion company, no company should be able to take such action in violation of local, state and Federal laws concerning employment discrimination.

What do you think about Prada’s treatment of these employees?

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