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Abercrombie and Fitch Accused of Discriminating Against Woman With Prosthetic Arm

A recent piece in the Daily Mail describes the plight of a 22-year old law student. The student, Riam Deen, was hired at the London flagship store of the Abercrombie and Fitch chain. While there, Deen was required to comply with the stores strict dress and “look” policies, which dictate the appearances of the employees.

While working on the floor of the store, Deen was told to take off the cardigan that was covering the joint between her arm and the prosthesis. When she refused, she was sent to the stock room to work until the store deemed it appropriate for her to wear long sleeves. Later, she was told that she would have to stay in the stock room until they would allow her to wear a long sleeve shirt to cover up her prosthetic arm. Shocked, she quit and refused to be subjected to this treatment.

Abercrombie is no stranger to discrimination suits. Currently, a group of ethnic employees are suing the chain for discrimination after they were confined to the back and stock rooms of the store, while the floor staff was comprised mainly of white employees. It is shocking that this type of discrimination continues to persist in this day and age, where employees should be protected from unfair labor practices. Where does a stores’ right to enforce an image end, and employees’ rights begin?

We encourage you to avoid Abercrombie to protest this detestable behavior. Too let Abercrombie know what you think, call them at 1.866.314.7743, or email them at

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