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60 Year Old Wins Age Discrimination Settlement Against Strip Club

A 60 year old woman employed as a cocktail waitress in Texas has successfully sued her former employer for age discrimination. The waitress, Mary Bassi, brought her suit after being terminated at age 56.

Leading up to her termination, Bassi was subjected to a number of comments directed at her age such as a manager asking how her Alzheimer’s was going, and how she was dealing with menopause.

In 2006, the management on duty at the club also began hiring younger waitresses in the months leading up to Bassi’s termination, and giving them Bassi’s shifts. This led to complaints from Bassi who was eventually terminated from this position, despite never having any complaints against her and a clean work history.

Bassi was represented by the EEOC, who brought the case on her behalf and led to a $60,000 settlement against the club. Age discrimination suits in adult entertainment has become a new battlefield in employment law, with complaints up significantly in recent years. While these establishments likely want younger employees, they cannot violate the ADEA act. . Read more on Age Discrimination in employment on our site here.

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