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2 New York City Chinese Restaurants Accused of Wage Violations

Another week, another set of allegations of wage violations against restaurants throughout New York City. This time around, 25 workers filed a complaint against Wu Liang Ye, a group that operates two Chinese restaurants in Midtown and the Upper East Side. The suit claims that managers and owners had failed to pay workers for overtime, or even a minimum wage, in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act. The suit also alleges management drawing into tips that were meant for delivery staff and busboys.

The amended complaint goes on to further allege that since the original complaint was filed in February, management of Wu Liang Ye has retaliated against workers for complaining and for trying to organize, and that some employees who have complained have been fired.

This is just another example of management abusing and taking advantage of employees; most of whom can least afford it. Workers should not have to take such treatment, and we at the Harman Firm recommend that all workers who believe have had their pay unfairly docked, or retaliated against come forward to seek justice.

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