About Us

Our Mission Statement: The Harman Firm is dedicated to protecting workers’ rights and promoting justice and equality in the workplace. We are committed to counseling our clients toward their goals through zealous advocacy, diligent legal representation, and tireless personal attention, and to supporting our team by fostering a work environment based on creativity, conscientiousness, mutual respect, and teamwork.

The Harman Firm, LLP is a boutique law firm located in New York, New York, consisting of a legal team of dynamic, bright, and hardworking attorneys dedicated to offering aggressive representation and supportive counsel to victims of unfair employment practices. Our legal professionals are compassionate and personable advocates of workers’ rights, and we spend a significant amount of time and energy advising clients of their rights as employees, attending to clients’ concerns, and assisting individuals at all levels—including executives, managers, and employees—in seeking legal redress for employment-related issues.

Our attorneys and staff work closely with each of our clients to help them assert their legal rights and obtain the compensation they deserve. From the beginning of every client relationship, The Harman Firm, LLP’s amicable team of legal professionals, including founding partner, Walker G. Harman, Jr., work hard to establish a trusting relationship with our clients and develop an individualized legal strategy tailored to each client’s personal and legal needs. The expert New York attorneys at The Harman Firm, LLP are passionate about protecting employees from discrimination, harassment, and other illegal employment practices and are dedicated to helping our clients secure fair compensation.

The Harman Firm, LLP’s practice focuses on cases related to discrimination, sexual harassment, whistleblowing, retaliation, executive compensation, and wage and hour issues, including unpaid overtime and minimum wage violations. Our attorneys focus on exploring employees’ rights and recourses when they are faced with injustice at work.

Employees have rights that must be honored. If you have suffered discrimination, sexual harassment, or retaliation in the workplace, or if you were denied fair compensation for your work, contact The Harman Firm, LLP to obtain dedicated and dynamic representation from excellent attorneys in New York state and federal courts.

Experienced New York Employment Law Litigators

Founding partner, Walker G. Harman, Jr., established The Harman Firm, LLP in 2003. Prior to starting his firm, Mr. Harman worked as a litigator for two prominent New York law firms, where he focused his practice on complex legal disputes related to financial evaluation, corporate insurance, and commercial law.

The rest of our firm’s attorneys complement Mr. Harman’s expertise in labor and employment law. Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting clients with lawsuits related to violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act, New York State Labor Law, the New York City Human Rights Law, and many other federal, state, and municipal employment laws. Our employment lawyers also have experience dealing with multi-plaintiff lawsuits, class and collective actions, and negotiation of employment contracts and severances.

In addition to employment law, The Harman Firm, LLP handles cases in other areas of legal practice, offering its team’s expertise in handling financial issues related to complex commercial disputes.

If you are an employee and you believe that your rights have been violated by your employer, contact The Harman Firm, LLP for aggressive and efficient representation.

Client Reviews
"Thank you for all your help. I appreciate your work. I am grateful for the outcome of our case but I wish in future cases with pregnant women you will get a lot of publicity and make a difference in the mentality of our society, and prevent it from happening in the future." A.L.
"I just wanted to take time out to say THANK YOU. Words cannot describe how grateful and blessed I feel right now. It has been a long and difficult battle for me. Thank you for believing in me and taking on this case. You have lifted an enormous amount of weight off my shoulders. I am confident God will allow a victorious outcome for all of us, we deserve it!" S.D.
"I just read an article about unpaid interns filing a lawsuit and I thought of you guys. Hope we see more lawsuits like this. Lawyers like you are making the workplace better for employees with the work you do. They've been paying on time. Thanks so much - been helping a lot and taking a huge weight off. Wishing you well." J.
"I just want to say Thank You for being so professional, supportive, dedicated and pleasant throughout the past few months. I am so glad I found your firm and I really appreciate all your hard work and determination. It really made a difficult time that much easier, thank you! Best wishes to you both." V.